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Pre-marital Workshop

Let’s equip you to build a strong foundation for a healthy and successful marriage.

1-Day Pre-marital Workshop

We now live in a world where instagram marriages with the most likes and followers are deemed as successful, many of these have been proven to have no substance. 

Saying, “I do”, as a christian is the biggest decision you will ever make in your lifetime next to your salvation. You want to ensure that you’re going on this journey with the right person and you are both heading in the same direction and having fun along the way.

The “Before You Say I Do” workshop is designed for engaged couples planning to get married. 

This workshop will help you to ensure that you’ve asked all the relevant questions so as to have a better understanding of your partner. It will give you insight into what life after you say I do may look like and help you deal with challenges marriage may throw at you. It is designed for couples who are exploring the idea of getting married and those who are engaged.

Where and How?

This is a one-day group workshop where we offer both virtual or physical meetings. The workshop is designed to encourage open and honest discussion between you and your partner. All resources shared on the day are to help highlight issues that are important to address before getting married. We will share our personal experiences, deal with hot topics and live Q&A sessions. We will equip you with practical tools and guides using biblical principles. 

What We Will Address

What You Will Achieve

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