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What Authority Is In A Marriage


What exactly is authority in marriage?

A lot of men in marriage have a misunderstanding of what this means. Some think it’s just about calling themselves the man of the house. No! That is not what it’s all about and it’s certainly not dictatorship or a means to enforcing laws over your wife!

Authority means you represent and act on behalf of another, in this case, Christ. You answer to a higher Being. The same way the wife is expected to learn what submission is in marriage, the husband must also submit to the authority above him.

With this in mind, the husband is to represent Christ in his marriage and reflect His nature and attributes. This kind of authority is leading by serving.

It’s not ruling with an iron hand or having one’s own way. Rather, it’s about understanding the concept of representation.

As the husband, you must discover your role and the duties associated with it.

Likewise, you must continue to submit to the authority above you in order to represent Him well and reflect His nature. Find out for yourself in this episode, What Authority Is In A Marriage.

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