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How To Overcome Trust Issues in Marriage


There are several reasons for trust-related issues in marriages. These reasons lead to arguments in marriage and the disintegration of the relationship you have with your spouse.

Until these issues are dealt with, trust cannot be well established between you and your spouse.

According to a survey carried out by OnePoll, a U.K.-based market research and survey company, found that 10 percent of married women don’t trust their partners.

It was also discovered that 3 percent of men check their wives’ social media accounts and 5 percent say they don’t trust their spouse.

This survey interviewed 1,000 married couples from 18 to 65 years old about their attitudes towards marriage.

The good news is that there are ways to overcome these trust issues so that you can enjoy your marriage with your spouse.

In this episode, How To overcome Trust Issues in Marriage, we look at the causes of trust-related issues in marriage and ways to overcome them.

We hope this episode helps to deal with any issue you might be facing in this area of your marriage.

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