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Marriage Rebooted with Damola and Roseline Oguntayo.

We are Damola and Roseline Oguntayo.

We are glad to have you here! We have been married for over 10 years and the journey has been interesting so far. We have experienced both the highs and lows of marriage and learnt some do’s and don’ts along the way but one thing has been constant in our marriage and that’s making God our foundation.

We started Marriage Rebooted after many years of counselling married couples who have gone through pains in their marriage and experienced God’s restoration. We understand the impact marriage has on society and that God’s will is for each one of us to have a successful and enjoyable marriage filled with love. 

We are not relationship experts or gurus (if that truly exists) and we don’t have any qualification as a counsellor or psychologist. We are just your regular Christ-loving couple who have a mission to see christian marriages restored. 

We hope that as we share our heart with you, your marriage will be further strengthened and established in Christ having a marriage filled with fun, intimacy and joy. If you would like to have us speak at your engagements, please contact us here

Standing With You, 

Damola & Roseline Oguntayo 

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Marriage Is A Journey!

There are many things to un-learn and re-learn. That takes time and you won’t fully understand what you’re in for until you go through it. It’s about walking together in agreement with someone you truly love and willing to make necessary sacrifices  and adjustments yet having fun along the way..

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