Marriage Rebooted


There are few things to watch out for in a life partner before saying, “I do.”

In this episode, How I Knew You Were The One, we both talk about things that we saw in each other and that made us realise we were right for each other. 

Some of these things stood out from our early conversations and we had certain convictions about them, which helped us explore the next level of our relationship.

If you’re looking to commit to life-long relationship, you need to get it right from the beginning.

I don’t mean if you need to start searching for Mr or Miss perfect, because such a person doesn’t exist. You’re not perfect yourself in the first instance!

But you must have some means to determine if you’ve met a compatible partner or a time waster.

We lay bare how we first met, how we knew we were right for each other and our first few years of marriage.

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