Marriage Rebooted

Marital Counselling

Do you feel you are enduring your marriage instead of enjoying it? Let’s help you rediscover happiness and intimacy.

A powerful 10 hours Counselling

Do you know that over 50% of all divorce cases in the US are as a result of irreconcilable differences? This simply means over 50% of divorced people in the US were unable to resolve their differences in order to remain married. 


Any marriage can work if ...

This shows that any marriage can fail. However, it also shows that any marriage can work if both parties work together to reach a common ground. Can two walk together unless they agree?

If your marriage feels like a battle ground with two opponents in it, it’s usually a symptom of bigger issues and if left untreated, may result in the collapse of your marriage.

Your Journey To Reconnection

Who is it for?

Our Journey to Reconnection marriage counselling is designed for married people who are experiencing challenges in their marriage and would like to get their marriage back on track or those that want to strengthen the bond in their marriage.

Where and How?

This is an intensive and interactive 5 weeks virtual one-to-one counselling program, which is tailored to each couple’s needs as no two marriages are the same. 

We will work with you to understand the root cause of your challenge and equip you with practical tools based on biblical principles that you can use in your daily life. The goal is to restore peace and oneness back to your marriage.

What We Will Address

What You Will Achieve

In our 10 years of marriage, we have counselled many married people who had issues with hurt, resentment, failure, infidelity amongst other things in their marriages and we’ve been able to help them unpack those feelings and get them back to a place of love and intimacy. We shared our personal experiences, both the highs and the lows and how we overcame every obstacle with God’s word. The goal is not to bury your feelings but to take the mask off!

Booking Instruction

To make a booking for our Your Journey To Reconnection, marital counselling, select an available date and time slot from the calendar below. Your counselling session is over a 5-week period on Saturdays for 120 mins per session. 

Once selected, proceed to enter your details in the form below. Ensure your details are accurate so we can contact you for further details about your booking.



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