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What Submission Is In A Marriage


Wives, submit to your own husband!

A lot of men have used this scripture to beat their wives down and forced them to false submission.

Submission should be voluntary, an act of one’s free will. While it’s a command in the Bible, it doesn’t make a wife inferior to her husband.

It does however highlight the different roles and responsibilities of both the husband and wife in marriage. In fact, both should submit to one another (Eph 5:21).

A lot of couples don’t understand what submission isn’t in marriage and as a result are hurting each other in their marriage. 

The husband demands submission from his wife not understanding that women don’t submit because it’s demanded. She submits because she sees her husband fulfilling his role and responsibilities within the home and then submit to his authority.

A proper understanding of submission reveals that submission is not to the person (in this case, husband) per se but to the office or authority he represents.

Find out for yourself in this episode, “What Submission Is In A Marriage.”

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