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Why Women Struggle With Submission In Marriage


Women submitting in marriage has been a subject of debate in our modern society. You are quickly labelled a misogynist, someone who has a prejudice against women.

However, God’s word cannot be broken! There is a proper place for submission in marriage doing marriage God’s way. This episode is the beginning of a new series that gets to the root of this issue.

A lot of women have been let down by their husbands and don’t consider their husbands as someone to submit to.

This has increasingly caused a lot of issues in the way issues are addressed in marriage and how they work together as a team or the lack of it.

In order to have a healthy and successful marriage, we need to follow scriptural model contained in God’s word.

God has given us a model on how both parties should function in their roles and we will continue to discuss this in future episodes.

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