Marriage Rebooted


MR 009: Can I Leave My Spouse?


Marriage comes with its ups and downs! There are turns to negotiate and new chapters to open. However, one thing is certain, as children of God we should endeavour to stay together and live peaceably with each other.

Before you pack your bags to leave, there are certain things you need to take into account and evaluate if this is the right action to take, which we discuss in this episode.

The truth is every marriage has its own issue and there’s no guarantee you’re going to have a better one with someone else. We are all imperfect beings trying to make it work. Always remember that marriage isn’t the problem, it’s the people in it. Gladly, that can be worked on so there’s hope!

In this episode, we discuss one of several questions we are frequently asked, “Can I Leave My Spouse?” We hope this episode brings insight to this important question many have asked and are still asking. Download and enjoy!

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