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MR 017: 5 Toxic Behaviours That’s Pushing You Away From The Right Person


Are you struggling finding the right partner? Are your relationships abruptly coming to an end each time you meet someone new?

You could be the problem!

I know no one likes to hear that they are the reason their relationships aren’t working. But sometimes, we need to do a self check to see if we are the one pushing away the lovely people that come our way through our behaviours.

You don’t have to be the weak link each time you get into a relationship. Sometimes, there are toxic behaviours, which we have that make that potential soul mate run for the door.

We are not even aware that we exhibit these behaviours some times! It is therefore important to carry out a self assessment of ourselves in readiness for the right person coming our way.

In this episode, “5 Toxic Behaviours That’s Pushing You Away From The Right Person”, we look at some behaviours that are toxic and push away people from us.


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