Marriage Rebooted


MR 004: Why Keeping Secrets Can Be Dangerous For Your Marriage


Marriage is about oneness and trust and the moment we start to hide things from each other, the foundation starts to crack until it’s destroyed.

You may be able to hide some things from your spouse but eventually the truth will always be revealed. Keeping a secret is like burying a dead body with its legs still sticking out, sooner or later, someone will find out.

Find out how you can come clean to your spouse if there’s any secret you’re holding back or ways to prevent it in the first instance!

You cannot genuinely love if you are being untruthful and no matter the secret, it’s still untruthfulness.

As hard as it may, you need to find away to come out clean to your spouse and allow the healing process to begin. You must understand that trust has been broken and may need time to be rebuilt.

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