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MR 013: 5 Keys To Healing From Heartbreak


Heartbreak hurts! This often happens when a relationship comes to an end, whether it was ended by you or your partner. Each person deals with it differently and it does have on us a psychological and emotional effect, which needs to be dealt with it.

These hurts and pains not dealt with tend to result into bigger issues that sometimes leave a lasting damage. Sometimes, it leads to depression, metal health issues or some kind of disease. One could argue that ‘s an extreme but they really do happen.

It’s not the time to shut yourself from the rest of the world or condemn yourself about why you got to this point. There are things you can do to navigate this phase of your life with less stress.

In this episode, we identify and discuss some causes of heartbreaks, the effects and 5 keys to heal from heartbreak. We hope you see the impact of not healing from this pain or hurt and what you need to do to fully recover as we go through each key! 

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